Engravable Mariner's Open Face Brass Pocket Compass

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Dimensions & Weight:
2 5/16 inches (5.8 cm) diameter and is 7/16 inch (1.1 cm) thick
2.3 ounces (65 grams)

Product Features:
Air-damped compass with a large, freely rotating compass card
Compass card is protected by a beveled glass cover
Back of the compass features a brushed finish
Personalized pocket compass engraving available on the back

Full Description:
The Stanley London® Engravable Mariner's Open Face Brass Pocket Compass with Beveled Glass is a solid brass reproduction of an antique open face pocket compass.  This Compass is featured in the tutorial "Determining your Position with a Dial Pocket Compass and a Map."  The Mariner's Compass is an air-damped compass with a large, freely rotating compass card that settles quickly on North.  Black print against the bold yellow compass face allows for a quick and accurate reading.  The card is marked with the traditional cardinal and ordinal directions, as well as the 360-degree system widely used by civilian navigators today;  North at 0° = 360°, South at 180°, East at 90°, and West at 270°.  The names of the cardinal and ordinal directions are derived from the English language but their initials, N, S, E, and W are internationally known.  The Open Face Mariner's Compass substitutes the West point with an O, an abbreviation for the Latin term Occidens, to fall or set, as in the sun.  A feathered arrow at 345° marks true north and depicts magnetic variation.  The compass card is protected by a beveled glass cover whose prism diffracts light to create an elegant spectrum of colors.  The top of the solid brass compass housing features a knurled periphery and a sturdy fob so that a compass chain may be attached.

The compass measures 2 5/16 inches (5.8 cm) in diameter, and is 7/16 inch (1.1 cm) thick.  This antique reproduction is polished to a beautiful high luster and weighs 2.3 ounces (65 grams).  The back of the compass features a brushed finish that is blank and can be custom engraved with a personalized message.

We offer two solid brass pocket compass chains, each measuring 14 inches (35.5 cm) overall and weighing 1.1 ounces (31 grams), as matching options for your compass.  The chains are specially made to be non-magnetic and will not effect the accuracy of your compass.  The chains have a clasp on one end that attaches to the fob on the pocket compass and the other end can be attached to your pocket, belt, or button hole.  A red or black velvet pouch is also available to store or carry the compass.

An optional Small Hardwood Case with Inlaid Compass Rose is available for storage and display.  We also have a Small Plain Hardwood Storage Case for displaying and protecting your compass.  An optional dark leather case and two velvet pouches are available as well.

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