Polished Brass Spotting Telescope on Turned Hardwood Stand

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This powerful Stanley London® telescope is the perfect blend of modern optical design with the warmth of rich mahogany and polished brass.  While almost all modern telescopes are made of plastic, cardboard, or aluminum, this telescope is made from clear-coated brass and a solid mahogany turned base.  The protective clear coating over the brass eliminates tarnish and fingerprints, so the telescope looks new and polished after every use.
The Premium Brass Telescope on Turned Hardwood Stand features high quality multi-coated glass optics which reduce internal reflections, improve contrast, and produce upright (non-inverted) images for crystal clear viewing.  The 20-power optics make objects appear 20 times closer or 20 times larger when viewed with this telescope.  The focusing is accomplished by rotating the focusing ring near the eyepiece, and the telescope's large eyepiece has ample eye relief so even eyeglass wearers can enjoy comfortable viewing.  The Premium Brass Telescope on Turned Hardwood Stand comes with a solid brass lens cap to protect the objective lens when the telescope is not in use.  The telescope is perfect for viewing scenery through the window or as a beautiful decorative piece on your desk.  The telescope is 13 inches (33 cm) tall, 13 inches (33 cm) long, and weighs 3 pounds (1.4 kg).  The base of the telescope is 6 inches (15.2 cm) in diameter and the objective lens is 42 mm in diameter.
The Premium Brass Telescope on Turned Hardwood Stand can be custom engraved near the eyepiece with initials only, maximum 3 letters.  The lens cap can also be engraved with a maximum of 25 words in a simple font like Times New Roman. Please Note: If you select the option to engrave the eyepiece and/or the lens cap, the engraving page lists the eyepiece as the FRONT of the item and the lens cap as the BACK of the item by default.  The Premium 20-Power Brass Telescope on Turned Hardwood Stand sells for only $200.
We also have a 19-inch brass antique reproduction telescope on a Hardwood Tripod and a Victorian Desk Telescope.

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