Weems and Plath Trident Time and Tide Wall Clock

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Dimensions & Weight:
10 1/2 inches (26.7 cm) in diameter and 2 3/4 inches (7 cm) deep
Dial is 10 1/4 inches (26 cm) in diameter
1 lb 1 ounces (482 g)

Product Features:
Used to indicate the local high and low tides
Averages the Atlantic lunar tide cycle
Includes AA battery and lifetime warranty on quartz movement
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Full Description:
Tide clocks are used to indicate the local high and low tides.  The simplest tide clocks have a single hand that points upward for high tide and downward for low tide.  Around the perimeter are hour markings for time past and time until a low or high tide.  Higher quality clocks, like this Weems & Plath Trident model, also incorporate an accurate quartz clock.  Tide clocks indicate an approximation of the average time between high lunar tides: 12 hours 25 minutes per revolution.  Tides have an inherent lead or lag, known as the lunitidal interval, which is different at every location, so tidal clocks are set for the time when the local lunar high tide occurs.

The Weems & Plath® Trident is a combination time and tide clock movement which averages the Atlantic lunar tide cycle calibrated for the east coast of the United States.  The Trident is an easy-to-read tide and time wall clock featuring a matte black case with red, white, and black dial graphics and a flat acrylic crystal.  The dial features Arabic numerals and white hands.  A red tide hand indicates the approximate tides for the Atlantic Ocean.  Note that this tide clock will work for other tidal bodies of water but will need to be reset occasionally.  For example, Pacific coast users may need to adjust the tide clock weekly, as Pacific tides are irregular.
The Trident Time and Tide Wall Clock is 10 1/2 inches (26.7 cm) in diameter, 2 3/4 inches (7 cm) deep, and weighs 1 lb 1 ounces (482 grams).  The highly accurate quartz movement operates on a single AA battery.  The Trident Time and Tide Wall Clock is backed by Weems & Plath's Lifetime Warranty.

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