10-inch Brass Victorian Desk Telescopes

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Dimensions & Weight:
10 inches (25.4 cm) long and 9 1/2 inches (24.13 cm) tall (Fully extended)
1 11/16 inches (4.3 cm) in diameter (Body of Telescope)
1 pound 14 ounces (0.85 kg)

Product Features:
Modeled after 18th century and early Victorian designs
Available in a polished brass or antique patina finish
8-power optics, 25 mm diameter objective lens
Telescope's main tube can be custom engraved

Full Description:
The Stanley London® solid brass 10-inch Brass Victorian Desk Telescope is the perfect addition to any desk, credenza, home office, or library.  This classic style telescope is modeled after 18th Century and early Victorian designs and is offered in both a polished brass and antique patina finish.  The telescope features a solid brass lens cap that is secured to the telescope by a small chain.  The mount assembly allows the telescope a wide range of elevation and declination adjustment and a locking nut allows the viewer to stabilize the telescope in a suitable position.

The 8-power 10-inch Brass Victorian Desk Telescope produces a crisp non-inverted (upright) image.  The precision rack and pinion focuser is adjusted using the large knurled side knob.  The eyepiece is marked Stanley London and a decorative screw rod adjustment is located on the side of the main tube.  When fully extended the telescope is 10 inches (25.4 cm) long and 9 1/2 inches (24.13 cm) tall.  The diameter of the telescope is 1 11/16 inches (4.3 cm) and the objective lens is 25 mm in diameter.  It weighs 1 pound 14 ounces (0.85 kg).  Either model can be custom engraved on the main tube with text, or with artwork or a logo.  Due to the large width of the engravable area, we suggest engraving full names rather than monograms or initials.

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