Brass 25x30 Telescope

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Dimensions & Weight:
13 1/2 inches (34.3 cm) long when fully extended, 5 3/8 inches (13.6 cm) long when collapsed
1 3/8 (35 mm) inches in diameter
7.5 ounces (213 grams)

Product Features:
Precision ground glass optics for bright and clear image
Full anti-reflection coating
Special scratch resistant clear coating
25-power optics, 30 mm objective lens
Custom engrave the telescope or brass plaques for the case

Full Description:
These Stanley London® 4-pipe brass spyglass telescopes are a modern hi-tech departure from our antique reproduction brass telescopes.  These small telescopes are almost as powerful as our largest floor-standing harbormaster telescopes.  Like all of our brass telescopes, these produce a sharp non-inverting (upright) image.  Both have precision 30 mm objective lenses and all optics are the highest quality with full anti-reflection coatings.  They are solid brass and are available with a 100 percent hand-sewn leather sheath.  Unlike our other spyglass telescopes where you have to shorten the smallest pipe to focus, these telescopes have a unique feature where you simply rotate the eyepiece to bring the image into crystal clear focus.  Best of all, unlike our other polished brass telescopes, these have a special scratch resistant clear coating that eliminates tarnish and fingerprints on the brass.  The 25 power telescopes are available with a polished brass outer tube or hand-sewn leather sheath.  The 25 power has bright and sharp optics.  Each telescope comes with a leatherette zippered carrying case with both a hand strap and a belt loop, and lens cleaning cloth.

The telescopes are 1 3/8 (35 mm) inches in diameter, 13 1/2 inches (34.3 cm) long when fully extended and 5 3/8 inches (13.6 cm) long when collapsed.  The telescopes weigh 7.5 ounces (213 grams).  All telescopes are engraved "Stanley London" near the eyepiece.  The 25-power all-brass telescope can be engraved on any brass tube and the leather-sheathed telescope can be engraved on the largest brass pipe.  Due to the large width of the engravable area, we suggest engraving full names rather than monograms or initials.

A solid hardwood case is available for storing and displaying the telescope.  Custom engraved brass plaques are available for the top, front, or inside lid of the case.  The oval brass inlay on the top of the case cannot be engraved, but we can cover the oval inlay with a rectangular brass plaque upon request.

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