Chinese Bent Willow Cane

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Dimensions & Weight:
36 inches (91 cm) long
1 pound (454 grams)

Product Features:
Made from bent willow branches
Each cane is unique and beautiful
Hand stained highlights with a clear lacquer finish
Hand carved Chinese writing

Full Description:
The traditional chinese canes are crafted from bent willow branches.  Each cane is unique and beautiful with the natural characteristics of the willow branch.  These canes make great walking sticks and have a solid and secure feel.  Each cane has traditional hand carved Chinese writing which translates to "May your age be as Mountain Tai."  Mountain Tai's main peak rises steeply 5069 feet (1,545 meters) above sea level.  Mount Tai has the title of "The first among the five sacred mountains of China" and "The first mountain under heaven."  The cane has hand stained highlights with a clear lacquer finish.  This inexpensive and sturdy cane measures approximately 36 inches (91 cm) long and weighs approximately one pound (454 grams).

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