Pocket Sundial Compass with Cord Gnomon

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Dimensions & Weight:
2 inches in diameter (5 cm), 11/16 inch thick (1.7 cm)
3.4 ounces (97 grams)

Product Features:
Available in polished brass or antique patina finish
Back of sundial compass has instructions for use and a correction table
Custom engravable on the top of the lid

Full Description:
This antique reproduction of a Pocket Sundial Compass with Cord Gnomon is solid brass and features an internal magnetic compass which allows the sundial to be properly oriented North.  The sundial's cord gnomon indicates the time by the shadow it casts.  The sundial is available in a beautiful polished brass finish, or an antique patina finish which looks like a 100 year old antique.  The back of the sundial is stamped Stanley London and has instructions for use of the sundial with a correction table.  Either sundial folds down for compact storage.  When the lids are closed these sundials measure 2 inches in diameter (5 cm), 11/16 inch thick (1.7 cm), and weigh 3.4 ounces (97 grams).
The front of the Pocket Sundial Compass with Cord Gnomon can be custom engraved with the recipient's initials, monogram, name or a personalized message.

An optional Small Hardwood Case with Inlaid Compass Rose is available for storage and display.  We also have a Small Plain Hardwood Storage Case for displaying and protecting your sundial compass.  An optional dark leather case for transporting the sundial compass is available as well.

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