FAQ: How much does engraving cost?

The engraving cost depends on the type of engraving and how much text is entered.  There are two types of engraving, direct product engraving and engraving on plaques.  Engraving type and surface options available for each product are listed by the gray tabs in the Product Personalization window.  Quantity discounts are applied automatically for orders with multiple pieces.

Please note: Custom engraved items cannot be returned; however, we will repair or replace them, if necessary.

Engraved Plaques:

Standard-sized single quantity plaques on a product are typically $10 for one line of engraving and $1 for each additional line of text.  Most plaques can be black oxidized which turns the lettering black and greatly improves contrast and readability.  Plaques over 6 inches wide or tall are $9.00 more.  Engraved plaques can be ordered directly from our website.

Engraved Products:

Most smaller products can be custom engraved in single quantities for a $10 set up fee (per engraved surface), and 40 cents per character for the first 30 characters, 20 cents per character for the 31st through 49th character, and 10 cents per character for engraving in excess of 49 characters.  Products requiring disassembly to engrave are subject to an additional $3 fee.

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