FAQ: Can I have artwork engraved?

Stanley London offers high quality engraving with your custom artwork or corporate logo for most of our products as well as aluminum or brass plaques.  All of our engraving is done in-house so our turnaround time from artwork submission to engraving and shipping your order is among the fastest in the industry.  Our experienced engravers use diamond-tipped drag engraving machines that cut directly into the metal surface of our products to create memories that will last a lifetime.  We specialize in ultra-fine-line crosshatching to represent multiple colors within an artwork file.

1. Pricing:

  1. There is a one-time $25 artwork fee to convert your custom artwork into an engravable file.  We keep all artwork on file so if you would like to use the same artwork file again in the future, then no additional artwork conversion fees are incurred, even if the artwork is engraved on a different product.
  2. Engraving the artwork itself costs $15 per surface.  Quantity discounts are applied automatically for orders with multiple pieces.

2. Requirements:

  1. Artwork must be a sharp two to five solid color image with no shading, gradients, or shadows.  We cannot engrave pictures or gray scale drawings.
  2. The best format for a bitmap image is a .GIF file that measures at least 1100 pixels across.  Vector artwork must have fonts embedded, and .PDF files are the preferred format as .PDF files are most compatible across different software versions.  We also accept valid .AI, .CDR, and .EPS files.

3. Submission, Review, and Approval:

  1. Please send all artwork files to sales@stanleylondon.com with your Order Number and/or the Name associated with the order.
  2. Our engraver will review the artwork, convert it to an engravable file, and email a proof for your approval, usually within a couple of hours.  We will not proceed with the order until we receive written approval of the proof.

Below are examples of good and bad artwork:

Bad: Contains five colors and drop shadows.

Bad: Contains drop shadows.

Good: Contains a limited number of solid colors, no drop shadows and can be used for crosshatching.

Good: Contains a limited number of solid colors, no drop shadows and can be used for crosshatching.

Good: Can be engraved and crosshatched.

Bad: Contains a patterned background.

Bad: Contains a patterned background.

Bad: Too small. All artwork must be at least 1100 pixels wide.

Bad: Poor quality. This is actually the same artwork as above, only enlarged to 1117 pixels.

Bad: This artwork has been crosshatched. For best results we will layout crosshatching

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