FAQ: How much engraving can fit on an item?

The amount of engraving text that can fit on an item depends on the engravable surface area and the desired font.  In the Product Personalization window for each product there are a specified number of lines with maximum character counts for each line so you will know exactly how much room is left.  You can also preview the text on the product's engravable surface by clicking the Preview button in the lower right hand corner of the Product Personalization window.

If there is a large amount of text to be engraved, then we recommend selecting a font that is easy to read such as Times New Roman or Arial.  Old English fonts are much harder to read with a significant amount of text and look best with large lettering, such as initials or monograms.  See our engraving fonts.  Do not use all capital letters with Old English or script fonts, 

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