Engravable 30-inch Leather Sheathed Harbormaster Brass Telescope on Hardwood Tripod

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Dimensions & Weight:
29 inches (73.6 cm) long, 2 1/4 inches (5.7 cm) in diameter (Main Tube)
Tripod adjustable from 37 inches (94 cm) to 59 inches (150 cm) tall
15 1/4 pounds (6.9 kg)

Product Features:
Leather sheathed main tube eliminates fingerprints
Precision ground glass optics for bright and clear image
24-power optics, 42 mm diameter objective lens
Custom engravable near the eyepiece

Full Description:
Our Engravable 30-inch Leather Sheathed Brass Telescope on Hardwood Tripod is a beautiful antique reproduction that is not only an elegant piece of nautical decor for your home or office, but a functional one as well.  The solid brass refractor telescope is mounted on a solid brass and hardwood tripod and uses precision ground glass optics to produce a bright and clear 24-power non-inverted image.  A hand sewn, high quality, dark brown, 100 percent leather sheath adds distinctive styling and eliminates fingerprints or tarnish on the main tube.  This beautiful leather sheathed brass telescopes is perfect for your office or home, near a window for viewing the water, landscape, and the Moon.  This harbormaster telescope is not designed for general stargazing, which requires a much higher power telescope, but it is perfect for watching the ships pass in the harbor and other landscapes.

The floor standing brass harbormaster telescope is 29 inches (73.6 cm) long with a main tube 2 1/4 inches (5.7 cm) in diameter and the objective lens is 42 mm in diameter.  A removable 2 3/4 inch (7.0 cm) diameter brass cap protects the objective lens.  The engravable brass telescope is focused by rotating a large adjusting ring near the eyepiece.  The large brass telescope is mounted on a sturdy, two-section telescoping, rich cherry-stained solid hardwood tripod with heavy brass castings.  The height of the brass telescope is adjustable from a minimum height of 37 inches (94 cm) to a maximum height of 59 inches (150 cm) tall.  Additionally, the harbormaster brass telescope is easily removed from the tripod, and the tripod collapses efficiently for compact storage.  The brass telescope with tripod weighs 15 1/4 pounds (6.9 kg).  

The leather sheathed brass telescope can be custom engraved near the eyepiece with one short line of text, such as a name and a date.

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