Unique Personalized Gifts for Anyone

Unique Gift Ideas for Girls

A Day at the Beach Medium Oval Stained Glass
Pelican's Perch Seascape Large Oval Stained Glass Suncatcher
Starry Seas Medium Circle Stained Glass
Lighthouse Collage Large Oval Stained Glass
Hatteras Medium Oval Stained Glass
Umpqua River Medium Oval Stained Glass
Pansies Lighthouse Large Oval Stained Glass
Pansies Lighthouse Small Oval Stained Glass
Hatteras at Night Small Oval Stained Glass
Cape Cod Medium Oval Stained Glass
Portland Head Medium Oval Stained Glass
Cape May Small Oval Stained Glass
Cape Hatteras Stained Glass Night Light
Nautical Anchor Pendant
Stainless Steel Compass Rose Pendant with Rhinestones
Sterling Silver Compass Rose Pendant
Dalvey Sport Compact Pocket Compass
Dalvey St. Elmo Travel Alarm Clock
Dalvey Stainless Steel Voyager Travel Alarm Clock
Ship's Wheel Rhinestone Earrings
Antique Blue Compass Rose Pendant with Chain
Stainless Steel Ship's Wheel Pendant with Chain
Nautical Anchor Pendant with Rhinestones and Beaded Chain
Classic Swirl Sterling Silver Compass Locket
Compass Rose Sterling Silver Compass Locket
Elegant Heart Design Sterling Silver Compass Locket
Stainless Steel Black Compass Rose Pendant with Chain
Silver Plated Heart Shaped Bookmark
Slim Nickel Plated Card Case
Embossed Scroll Silver Plated Card Case
Silver Plated Oval Compact Mirror
Silver Plated Ultra Thin Compact Mirror
Nickel Plated Large Round Compact Mirror
Heart Shaped Nickel Plated Compact Mirror
Cardinal Points Compass Pendant with Chain
Greek Compass Pendant with Braided Leather Necklace
Thin Bezel Compass Pendant with Chain
Dalvey Contemporary Cabin Travel Alarm Clock
Gold-Plated Brass Desk Compass
Small Nickel Plated Heart Shaped Jewelry Box
Brass Lantern Christmas Ornament
Diver's Helmet Christmas Ornament
Silver Plated Luggage Tag
15x Triplet Magnifier and Eye Loupe with Leather Case
20x Folding Pocket Magnifier and Eye Loupe
Chrome Plated Hinged Roll-out Magnifier
Fishing Trawler Miniature Ships Model and Ornament
Black Lacquered Nautical Old World Map Box
World Map Chartography Box
Secret Opening Compass Rose Chartography Box
Silver Plated Sewing Kit
Sailboat Stained Glass
Lighthouse Stained Glass
Anchor, Ship's Wheel, Compass Rose Stained Glass
Ship's Wheel Stained Glass
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Oval Stained Glass Suncatcher
Boatswain's Pipe Christmas Ornament
Sailboat Pendant with Chain
Large Nickel Plated Heart Shaped Jewelry Box
Antique Brass Compass Necklace

Unique Gift Ideas for Guys

Large Gimbaled Binnacle Compass
Francis Barker M73 Black Prismatic Pocket Compass
Francis Barker M73 Brass Prismatic Pocket Compass
Francis Barker M88 Green Prismatic Pocket Compass
Dalvey 6.6 ounce Flask with Integrated Cup
Leather Wrapped 4 ounce Flask
Leather Wrapped 5 oz. Flask in Hardwood Case
8 ounce Leather Flask with Integrated Cup
Francis Barker NATO Survival Compass
Five-inch Solid Brass Rack and Pinion Sextant with Case
Zippo Black Ice #150 Scratch Resistant Lighter
Zippo Antique Brass #201FB Lighter
Large Brass Demonstrational Armillary Sphere
Stainless Steel Flask and Double Cigar Holder
Gold Plated Stainless Steel Flask and Double Cigar Holder
Large Size Solid Brass Ship's Clock
Large Size Solid Brass Ship's Barometer
Modern Fully Functional Gimbaled Boxed Compass
Brass Forestry Clinometer Compass with Leather Case
U.S. 1860 Naval Officer's Cutlass with Leather Scabbard and Frog
Large Full Size 17 inch Brass and Copper Diver's Helmet
Large Brass Dumpy Level
5 ounce Stainless Steel Window Flask
Large Gemstone Globe and Quartz Clock on Mahogany Stand
French Naval Cutlass
British Captain's Brass Sextant with Case
C. Plath Reproduction Micrometer Drum Sextant with Case
American Cavalry Officer's Sword with Steel Scabbard
Confederate Cavalry Officer's Sword with CSA Etched Blade
Confederate NCO Sword with Leather Scabbard
Naval Cutlass with Leather Scabbard
Navy Boarding Cutlass with Leather Scabbard
U.S. 1860 Naval Cutlass with Leather Scabbard and Frog
French Model 1831 Artillery Sword with Scabbard
Naval Sword with Leather Scabbard
Pirate Cutlass with Leather Scabbard
American Trooper Cavalry Saber with Steel Scabbard
28-inch Brass Spyglass Telescope with Case
29-inch Premium Brass Telescope with Mahogany Case
10-30x30 Zoom Leather-Sheathed Telescope
35-Inch Brass Spyglass Telescope
Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath
Brass 25x30 Telescope
Brass Military Lensatic Compass
Dalvey Classic Stainless Steel Flask
Engravable Large Brass Pocket Compasses
Stainless Steel Hip Flask
Tritium Military Lensatic Compass
Zippo Military Lighter
Dalvey Sport Compact Flask
Nobilis Pocket Compass
Executive Modern Brass Gimbaled Boxed Compass with Black Piano Finish

Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

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