Clearance and Discounted Items

Monthly Specials

Clearance/Discontinued Items

Engravable Small 3-Leg Brass Desk Compass
Engravable Large Gimbaled Binnacle Compass
Compass Cufflinks
Small Chinese Feng Shui Compass
Standard Chinese Feng Shui Compass
Premium Chinese Feng Shui Compass
Open Face Paperweight Compass
3-inch Miniature Brass Sextant
Engravable 5-inch Solid Brass Abney Level
Small Chrome Binoculars
Brass and Copper Bugle
Aluminum Military Map Compass
Small Brass World Time Zone Calculator Paperweight
Large Brass World Time Zone Calculator Paperweight
Small Brass Perpetual Calendar Paperweight
Large Brass Perpetual Calendar Paperweight
Survival Compass, Thermometer, and Whistle
Engravable Damascus Bowie Knife with Stand and Sheath
Damascus Clasp Pocket Knife
Engravable Small 3-Leg Brass Desk Magnifier
Engravable Antique Brass Binoculars with Leather Case
Engravable 4-inch Solid Brass Spirit Level
Engravable 6-inch Solid Brass Spirit Level
Large 5-Leg Brass Desk Magnifier
Photo Stand Magnifier
Breeze Fishing Trawler Mini Ships Model and Refrig. Magnet
Stanley London Opera Glasses with Built-in LED Light
Islamic Qibla Liquid Damped Compass
Small Qibla Liquid Damped Compass
Islamic Qibla Pocket Compass
Small Brass Binoculars
Engravable Polished Brass Sundial Compass with Wood Case
Engravable Large Polished Brass Sundial Compass with Removable Lid
Engravable Brass Pocket Sundial Compass with Copper Compass Rose
Copper and Brass Small Pocket Sundial
Engravable Copper and Brass Antique Small Pocket Sundial
Engravable 14-inch Brass Spyglass Telescope
Engravable 28-inch Brass Spyglass Telescope with Case
24-inch Diameter Ship's Wheel
36-inch Diameter Ship's Wheel
48-inch Diameter Ship's Wheel

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